Forever Only

2022 single by Jaehyun

"Forever Only"
Jaehyun - Forever Only.jpeg
Single by Jaehyun
LanguageKorean • English
ReleasedAugust 18, 2022
StudioSM Studios (Seoul)
  • R&B
  • SM
  • Jaehyun
  • Dewain Whitmore Jr.
  • Ellie Suh
  • Micah Premnath
  • Tido Nguyen
Composer(s)Tido Nguyen
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"Forever Only"
Music video
"Forever Only" on YouTube

"Forever Only" is a song recorded by South Korean singer-songwriter and actor Jaehyun. It is the fourth single under NCT Lab, SM Entertainment's special season for the digital music project SM Station. The song was written by Jaehyun, Dewain Whitmore Jr., Ellie Suh, Micah Premnath, and producer Tido Nguyen. "Forever Only" is described as a romantic R&B track with lyrics that express one's yearning for the person they love. It was released with an accompanying music video on August 18, 2022.

Background and release

On July 20, 2022, SM Entertainment announced that Jaehyun will be releasing his first solo song under NCT Lab, SM Station's special season that focuses on the individualistic music and projects of the members of the K-pop boy group NCT.[1][2] Jaehyun becomes the second member to release a solo song under NCT Lab, following Mark. On August 12, it was announced that the title of the song is "Forever Only".[3] Teaser photos were released from August 15 to August 16, and the teaser for the music video was released on August 17. The song and its music video were released on August 18.[4]


"Forever Only" is composed as an upbeat R&B track with recurring guitar riffs and percussion arrangement, and a vocal performance from Jaehyun that houses ad-libs and falsettos.[5] Jaehyun dubbed the genre as "sexy lonely", and Lucy Ford from British GQ describes the song as "a guitar-laced, vibey R&B melody which holds the kind of early-2000's boy band key changes."[6] Jeff Benjamin from Billboard labels the song as "a snappy, acoustic-leaning R&B-pop track that puts [Jaehyun]’s silvery tenor at the forefront."[7]

The song is written by Jaehyun alongside Dewain Whitmore Jr., Ellie Suh, Micah Premnath, and Tido Nguyen, who also produced the song.[8] Its lyrics express the longing for eternal love, and "the feelings of loneliness and emptiness from a past relationship and the deep desire to be around that person."[9]

Music video

The music video features a casual and laid-back style, with Jaehyun singing and playing the guitar on a beach from daytime to nighttime. He also participated in the conception of the music video.[7] Divyansha Dongre of Rolling Stone India describes the music video as "employing a somber color palette and hazy filters [that create] a gloomy atmosphere."[5] Mary Siroky of Consequence also likened the shots to an A24 film, "all golden-hued, nostalgic and romantic footage."[10] It also features Jaehyun playing the guitar, surrounded by photographs, and riding a motorcycle, which are described to emit the feeling of "loneliness from the sudden loss of love."[5]

Critical reception

"Forever Only" received positive reviews from critics, noting its distance from the current trends in K-pop, as well as Jaehyun's performance and songwriting.[11][7] Erin Rupprecht from The Kraze describes the song as "worth the wait", and a "refreshing and nostalgic" take on Korean music.[11] Sara of United by Pop also notes "Forever Only" as an addictive and attractive song "that you would not mind listening to over and over again."[12]


Weekly chart performance for "Forever Only"
Chart (2022) Peak
South Korea (Circle)[13] 120
US World Digital Song Sales (Billboard)[14] 14


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